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Super Lawyers has ranked Mike Jaafar as one of the best attorneys for client rights in the country. All the accolades mean nothing to Mike, if his clients needs aren’t satisfied.

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Always Putting Clients First

There’s a reason he’s earned the name

Over an extensive & powerful career, Michael Jaafar has built a portfolio of law offices that have helped more than 20,000 people. If you are injured, call 800 BIG MIKE™. Hard time with your insurance company after a car, truck or motorcycle accident? Mike and the team are ready.

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All these men have been with the firm since the beginning. We are a family, which is why we treat out clients like family. You are in good hands with these men!

Meet The Team

miKE jaafar

Practicing Since 2006
Mike Jaafar has been recognized by countless publications for his unprecedented accomplishments and ambitions as a fierce protector of his clients’ rights. He was on the cover of Attorney At Law magazine, and has been written about by USA Today, Forbes, Yahoo! & more.
Big Case Dave

David ienna

Practicing Since 2006
David has a stead hand. In our firm, he is known as “The Sphinx.” Because he doesn’t flinch. So when the insurance company denies your claim, he will put 7 days every week into proving them wrong and getting you a check.
Big Case Ray

ray rahal

Practicing Since 2006
One of the most persuasive lawyers you will ever meet. Been with the firm since the start. He can out talk anyone at your insurance company when they tell you your case is not valuable.
Big Case Mark

Mark menczer

Practicing Since 2006
Rather than bore you with a long biography, let's cut to the case as mark always says... he's a tough attorney but treats his clients like gold. He has collected countless of millions of dollars for his clients. Make yourself one of his clients by calling 800BigMike.

practice Areas

Mike believes it is better to master some areas of practice rather than trying to practice every area of law. Mike has built separate firms for each practice area and filled the desks with attorneys that are the authority on those topics.

Auto Accidents
Trucking Accident
Motorcycle Accidents
Medical Malpractice
Slip and Fall Accidents
Wrongful Death
What Drives Mike?

Relentless Pursuit for Client Compensation

Mike Jaafar stands out in the realm of personal injury law with an unwavering commitment to seeking justice for those wronged. His passion for advocacy is rooted in a deep-seated belief that every individual deserves robust representation, especially in their most vulnerable moments. With an impressive track record of securing substantial compensation for his clients, Mike's approach is both compassionate and strategically aggressive. He understands that behind every case is a human story needing to be heard and honored. This drive to produce results not only restores a sense of justice for his clients but also fosters a safer community by holding negligent parties accountable. Mike Jaafar's dedication to his clients' well-being and his relentless pursuit of their rights make him a formidable ally in the fight for fair compensation.

Have The Right Team On Your Side

Expertise Is Vital in Personal Injury Cases

In the aftermath of a personal injury accident, navigating the complex legal landscape can be an overwhelming challenge for victims seeking compensation. This is where Mike Jaafar and his dedicated team become indispensable allies. Their expertise in personal injury law ensures that victims are not only heard but also fully understood, transforming legal jargon into actionable strategies tailored to secure the maximum compensation possible. Mike's meticulous approach to case preparation, combined with his team's collective experience, means they are adept at uncovering and leveraging critical details that others might overlook.

In an arena where insurance companies often prioritize their profits over fair settlements, having Mike and his team by your side levels the playing field, giving you the support and advocacy necessary to not just navigate your case, but to emerge victorious. Their commitment to justice and client satisfaction makes them invaluable in turning the tide of personal injury cases towards favorable outcomes.

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